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It’s All About You.

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Take control of your well-being. Massage reduces symptoms of tension, anxiety, stress, and pain, not masks them. Tailored sessions will help get to the root of the issue so you can get back to the activities you enjoy.
Massage | How It can help you

Massage Has Been Scientifically Proven To…

... relieve chronic pain
... reduce stress
… reduce tension
… reduce anxiety
... improve mental health
... promote healthy sleep
… increase mobility & flexibility
… and much more.

Physiological Benefits

Reinvigorate and recharge your body after long tiring days. Massage therapy promotes relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety, and helps alleviate chronic pain. Massage improves blood circulation, strengthens your immune system as well as improving posture and flexibility.

Psychological Benefits

Endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are released through massage, resulting in a feeling of incredible calm relaxation. Adrenaline and cortisol levels are reduced, bringing down stress levels, helping you to calm the mind and improve your well-being.


A 60 minute massage has the same effect on your body as 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.

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The sense of touch is the massage therapist’s main avenue used to affect another being and is the body’s main method of gathering information about itself. In contrast, an artist uses the sense of vision, and a musician uses the sense of hearing to communicate with others. Touching can affect us physiologically, cognitively, psychologically and emotionally.
— Susan Salvo, Massage Therapy Principles and Practice
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