——Shawn Compton

My name is Shawn Compton, I received my massage therapy license from the Ohio Medical Board in 2016. I Studied and trained at Columbus State. My training, knowledge, continued research, practice and experience amassed in alternative therapeutic touch techniques.
My massages consist of a variety of techniques (Swedish, Cupping, Bamboo, deep tissue, etc.) to reduce pain, relieve stress and bring relaxation to the body & mind – for greater quality of life. I am certified in massage cupping therapy and bamboo massage, which is a new and innovative way to bring relaxation to the body and help reduce pain by use of heated bamboo. You can read more about bamboo massage at

Whether for a well-deserved relaxation treat, or a drug free alternative for managing chronic symptoms, massage therapy can benefit you. It has been clinically proven that massage therapy can help with many issues that come from daily living or medical conditions. Using training, knowledge, & a variety of techniques, each massage is personalized to help you relax, manage pain & physical symptoms, reduce stress and restore balance to both mind and body, with those being only some of the benefits regular massage sessions can offer.

Serving Columbus, Arlington, Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington, and much of Central Ohio. My experience and training allow me to help clients change how they feel, no matter their challenges. For more information, or to book an appointment, contact me today.