——Benefits of Massage

Did you know that getting a massage is not just for relaxation? While it will sure make you feel refreshed and relaxed, there are so many other benefits of getting a massage, not just for your muscles, but for other parts of your body as well. And it is becoming more and more accessible. 

What used to be a luxury service can now be found in various small clinics, spas, and health clubs. Whether you’re considering getting a massage for the first time or get regular massages, knowing these benefits would surely make your massage experience better. 


Reduces Stress

Massage therapy is very effective in reducing a person’s stress. Getting regular massages for a prolonged period of time boosts a person’s energy levels. A massage can also reduce pain in various areas of the body. It also stimulates your emotional levels so you feel happier after a massage. 


Lowers Blood Pressure

Getting regular massage therapy sessions has been found to lower blood pressure levels. There are long term studies that show that getting a massage consistently can lower both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also reduces cortisol which is responsible for stress and lowers your risk of heart diseases. 


Muscle Relaxation 

A massage can promote muscle relaxation. Different types of massages target certain parts of the body that are identified as sources of pain. Getting a massage can relax tensed muscles, increase their flexibility and provide relaxation to the affected muscles. This would then impact your whole body that’s why you feel more relaxed in general after a massage. 

Blood Circulation

Massage therapy also improves blood circulation to injured muscles. This increases the flow of oxygen in your body and the distribution of nutrients. Getting a massage can reduce stiffness and swelling in your muscles and joints. 


Releases Endorphins and Calms the Nerves

Another great thing about massages is that they help release endorphins which is the happy and pain-killing hormone. This boosts the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body which improves your emotional well-being. You may notice feeling happier and calmer after getting a massage. 


Improves the Function of Different Body Organs

Because a massage improves the blood circulation in your body, it also improves other bodily functions including the functions of your internal organs, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. It can help in digestive disorders, help relieve headaches, and improve symptoms of insomnia. 


Strengthens the Immune System

A massage can also help strengthen your body’s immune system. People who have high levels of stress are more at risk to illnesses and injury. Getting a massage helps in reducing stress which also boosts your immune system and protects you from various types of diseases. It enhances your body’s ability to deliver nutrients to areas that need them the most. 



Finally, you cannot deny the immediate relaxation that you feel after getting a massage. When your body is tense, it produces unhealthy levels of stress hormones. Getting a massage allows your body to recover and improves your mood.