Massage Techniques

Massage is more than physical contact. It is physically and mentally therapeutic, with benefits that range from pain reduction to reduced stress and anxiety. One characteristic of massage that makes it the perfect choice for so many different challenges is that there is more than one type of massage available to target specific ailments, needs, and preferences.

Every massage is provided in a relaxing and comfortable environment using knowledge of anatomy, therapeutic techniques & experience, catered to your self-care. Whether you prefer a lighter/gentle touch to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and ease muscle tension, or a more firm/deeper touch to remove severe tension and help stretch and release fascia tension between muscles.

I offer full body massages, or if you’d like a specific area targeted, please let me know and I will adjust your massage accordingly. I use a variety of techniques from many different modalities, some of the most popular include:

  • Swedish Massage – A more relaxing, comfortable massage therapy technique that uses gliding strokes, circular motions, tapping and other soft pressure application. This aims to help a person reduce the tension on their muscles. It also increases the oxygen level and improves blood circulation.

  • Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue dives deep within the muscles to relieve stiffness and address adhesions (knots) that may be causing discomfort. This is best for people who are experiencing chronic muscle issues. It can help provide tight muscle relief. This method uses slower, deeper pressured strokes, which aims to help treat muscle injuries. It targets deep layers of tissues and muscles.

  • Therapeutic Massage – Those that need to recover from an injury or have specific discomforts may benefit from a therapeutic massage specifically aimed at relieving pain.

  • Massage Cupping/Decompression Therapy – Cupping is a unique massage technique that dates back to ancient China and uses suction cups to pull & stretch soft tissue and release tension and adhesions.

  • Bamboo Massage – Bamboo Fusion massage integrates heated sticks of bamboo to roll & push down evenly upon the muscles and wake up dormant tissues and nerves, with both physical therapy and muscle tension benefits.

These different massage therapy options each have unique benefits that can be tailored to the needs of each client, and I take special care to ensure your comfort in the process, so that you are enveloped in the benefits that massage has to offer.

Many people have had a massage. But there is a profound difference when you have a massage from a licensed massage therapist trained in anatomical techniques that are truly tailored to your specific discomforts, needs, and quality of life.

Located in Columbus, I am here to offer massage therapy that focuses on approaching the cause of discomfort rather than just its symptoms, providing benefits that last.