FAQs & Common Concerns Answered


When it comes to pain, such as back pain, hip pain, or even pain in your arms and legs, etc., that might not be the only area that needs addressed. Our pain can be caused by tension/dysfunction from other areas of our body. This can be due to over use of muscles of one area causing other muscles to work overtime, to keep balance. For example:
Back pain can come from our hips, legs or even the abdomen. Hand and arm pain can be caused by dysfunction in the neck or shoulder.

I encourage feedback. Have special request for your massage such as areas of focus, music, room temperature, pressure, etc. please let me know. It’s never too much to ask or a bother. I encourage clients to speak up on things they would like to adjust. Whether you don’t like a specific area worked on, a technique used, more/less pressure. If it’s your first massage and your not sure what you like, or want that’s totally okay! I can use my best judgement to help you.


There are no awkward questions

What should i expect if this is my first massage?

Click here - to learn about expectations, whether new to massage or just booking with me for the first time.

Can massage benefit me?

Massage therapy can benefit anyone. One of the wonderful things about it. Click here to learn more about the benefits massage can offer.

What oils/lotions/gels do you use?

I use Sacred Earth Botanicals Massage Gel and Pure Jojoba oil depending on the type of techniques are being done.

Do i have to shave?

Short answer, no, come as you are. I get asked this all the time, or receive apologies about forgetting to shave. It’s totally okay! Not required, i am not bothered by it, its just body hair. I want clients to know this is a safe and judgement free environment and for nobody to ever feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Do I have to fully undress?
You don’t have to take off more clothes than you are comfortable with to receive massage. Each session can be adjusted to meet your comfort level. Note that wearing more clothes can interfere with use of certain techniques, but you can still enjoy a massage in casual clothes. Therapists won’t be able to use lotion or work as deeply.

What if I snore | drool | or fall asleep?

Falling asleep or nodding off during a massage is common. Most people come to a massage stressed and as that stress goes away and they feel relaxed and may fall asleep on the massage table. It’s received as a great compliment and nothing to worry about. Same for drooling or snoring, nothing to worry about. You can always ask for a tissue, but never worry.

Do people talk during their massage?

Some do, yes. Others want to relax in silence, and either is completely up you. Its your time, and I will try to not engage in conversation unless a client initiates it, out of respect. Unless i’m checking in about pressure or making sure your comfortable, I will let you relax in peace.

What if i’m self-conscious about my body?

Being self-conscious shouldn't keep you from seeking a massage. I’m here to make you feel good and create a safe and trusting, judgment free environment.

Some common concerns clients have are:

  • Being self-conscious about scars

  • Believing they are overweight

  • Thinking they have ugly feet

Rest assured, I work with bodies of all shapes and sizes. I strive to keep balance between engaging with you as the unique individual you are, as well as seeing your body and all its unique qualities from a clinical perspective. Massage is about the careful application of techniques to your muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue to help, not to judge you.

Have any questions or concerns about anything, you can always reach out to me.

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