Massage For Feet Dysfunctions

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Your feet go through a lot day in and day out. They carry the weight of your body when you stand, walk, and run. You basically put them through a lot, without you even knowing it.

The foot can suffer from a few medical issues due to everything it goes through every day, which is why you need to take good care of them. Foot injuries, disorders, and even tiredness can cause foot pain that will leave you unable to move and do much of anything. If you don’t do anything to help ease the pain or treat any of the disorders your feet suffer from, chances are, these can worsen over time.

Foot Problems You Can Suffer From and How Massage Can Help

So, what are the most common foot problems that people suffer from and how can massage help? Here are some of them:

Plantar fasciitis

this is an ailment that affects a person’s sole, with the underside of the heel bone, which is the plantar fascia, suffering from inflammation and pain. This swelling of the tissue that connects the toes to the heel bone can be very painful, with the person suffering from a stabbing pain in that area, usually in the morning.

This is usually caused by strain on the foot, which causes micro tears to occur on the ligament. This can also be caused by the wearing of ill-fitting footwear, excessive pressure on the foot due to running or walking, and diseases like reactive arthritis.

Treatments for plantar fasciitis – the most common treatments for this ailment are the use of shoe inserts to reduce the pain and, in serious cases, surgery. The best option you have for a more effective treatment however is massage therapy since it is non-invasive and can actually help heal the problem. The massage techniques that you can get to help with this ailment include massages on the surface of the foot and the posterior low leg. With the right techniques applied to specific areas can help bring you relief and get you back on your feet.

Morton’s Toe

also called Morton’s foot or Royal toe, this is actually not an ailment but a type of configuration of the foot’s toes where the second toe is longer than the big toe. Sometimes, the second toe is equal in length as the big toe. Either way, this kind of a foot is often called a classic Greek foot. Approximately 30 percent of the people of the world have this kind of foot and it is actually genetic.

Morton’s toe is not an ailment but it does bring about a few health problems such as hip pain, back pain, arthritis, knee pain, neck pain and even jaw pain. In worse situations, people with this foot may experience Metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and joint pain.

Treatments for pain brought about by Morton’s Toe – when you have Morton’s toe and you start experiencing the effects of such an appendage, you can have a flexible pad placed underneath your first toe and exercises that help strengthen the toe muscles. You can also help manage the pain and other problems that come with Morton’s Toe with therapeutic massage, applied to focus areas to help give relief. Massage techniques used can vary depending on your sensitivity of the area.

Heel Spurs

these are growths that appear on the heel bone, which is usually caused by wearing the wrong kinds of shoes. This can also be caused by stretching of the foot’s plantar fascia, and strain on the muscles of the foot. This is a calcium deposit that builds over time and is sometimes associated with plantar fascia. While heel spurs can be painless growths, some people experience a lot of pain because of it.

Athletes and people who are always on their feet can often find themselves with this foot problem. Those who continuously wear shoes without proper arch support are also prone to heel spurs. People who walk with excessive stress placed on the ligaments and heel bones are also susceptible to this foot problem.

Treatments for painful heel spurs – while some people opt for surgery to remove these calcium deposits, others go for the less invasive route. These include the wearing of inserts in their shoes, stretching, medication, and sometimes, steroid injections. Massage therapy is also one of the treatments for this foot problem. 

These are just some of the foot problems that people experience due to genetics, improper wearing of foot wear, and high-impact activities that injure the foot. Whatever the cause of these problems are, whether you are experiencing heel spurs due to an increase in your body weight or have body pains due to your Morton’s Toe, massage therapy is one of the most effective ways for you to get relief.