5 Benefits You Get From A Massage


Five Health Benefits of a Massage

For the uninitiated, massage would be something that is meant to pamper oneself. That it is all about of getting relaxed after a long day’s work, or you simply love the idea of it. But for those who actually understand what a massage is, they know that it is more than all of these. That is because it is one of the few things here in this planet that can improve lifestyle and quality of life.

You see, massages are best known for their ability to relieve pain and soothe anxiety or stress. It has a deluge of practical benefits making it an ideal treatment to your body. If you want to live a healthier life, then you should consider a massage. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the many interesting health benefits a massage offers.

#1. Relieves Anxiety 

According to experts, people who receive a massage are able to reduce their level of anxiety. The difference could even be significant when compared to those who do not. So, how exactly does a massage help? As it turns out, it can lower the level of cortisol in your body. In case you did not know, Cortisol is responsible for your fight and/or flight response. If you have had troubling events and/or traumatic experiences, then a massage can help you big time.

#2. Relives Lower Back Pain

A good percentage of young adults these days tend to experience back pain at some point in their lives. Mind you, there is an existing link between said pain and massages. If you have chronic pain, your body ability to send signals is malfunctioning, explaining the never-ending situation. This is where a massage comes in – although it does not turn the alarm off completely, it does lower the volume to an acceptable level. 

This is basically where the so-called gate-control theory, which refers to a state when your body seems to experience the kind of pain that travels on small-diameter nerve fibers. As such, the signal is sent to your brain in a much quicker manner. By undergoing a massage, you can stimulate your larger nerve fibers and, thus, overpower the pain you feel.

#3. Soothe Tension Headaches

You know already that tension is main culprit behind headaches. Fortunately for you, a massage is enough to relieve tension, helping you soothe headaches. Massage has a best known way to fight off chronic tension headaches. Pressure and various techniques are applied on certain areas by way of using gracious gestures. Massages for headache relief are specifically designed to focus on the upper back, shoulders, and the area which is located between your neck and shoulders, may also include scalp and face.

#4. Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Studies have proven that symptoms can greatly reduce symptoms associated with depression. People who have a certain level of depression can reduce the symptoms to a 70%, and all they have to do is undergo a massage. As a matter of fact, experts have already considered a massage, one that is properly done, as a go-to treatment of depression much like other conventional methods. If you want your body to successfully release dopamine and oxytocin in order to feel happier and more relaxed, then book yourself to a massage.

#5. Lower Blood Pressure

Yes, that is right – massages are always a great way to reduce blood pressure. And believe it or not, it can do so at significant amounts, albeit being temporary. Still, it is powerful enough to activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, so you can quickly return to obtaining a good biochemical balance and emotional.

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