New Client

What to expect as a new client?

Whether you’re new to massage, it’s been a while or you’re just visiting me for the first time, making you feel comfortable if my first priority. Prior to your first session a brief client intake form will need to be completed. This will be emailed to you, along with your appointment confirmation (text/email reminder also can be sent) after you’ve booked an appointment either online or with me via email/phone. Form is completed online, you may print out and complete to bring with you if you prefer.

I’ll show you to the massage room, walk you through the process & go over any question you may have for me (or me for you). I’ll then step outside the room and give you time to get comfortable under the draping sheet & blanket on the massage table.

Most massage techniques are traditionally performed with the client unclothed, but that option it is entirely up to you. In other words, undergarment can be left on or off, either way, you will be properly draped throughout the massage.

I use Sacred Earths Massage Gel

During the massage

Do your best to let yourself relax. Let me do all the work (If I need to move your arms, legs, etc).

It’s important for you to let me know if any of the massage techniques I use cause pain. The Goal is not to cause you pain, but there may be a certain level of discomfort and a “good ache” when i’m working on a problem area. It’s important to let me know of any discomfort or if anything is outside of your tollerance level during the massage, to make your massage more efective.

After the massage

You should expect to feel relaxed after your massage. If your goal was to address any specific pain issues, you may immediately feel releif from your massage, or it may take a day or two before you feel that relief. Soreness can happen after a massage,(Rare, but can happen). If you are ever too sore after a massage, please let me know, and I can make notes to adjust your next massage.

November 29, 2018