Services & Rates

Massage for general relaxation and stress relief, generally light to medium pressure & gliding techniques.
& Therapeutic
Massage techniques (deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, orthopedic, nerve mobilization, stretching, massage cupping, etc) specific to the area/tissue being worked on, whether for pain management, injuries, specific conditions, etc.

I use a variety of techniques during each session, depending on the goal/outcome you have. I tailor each session to accommodate the needs of each of my clients at the time of their appointment. Whether your desire is to have a full/partial body relaxing massage, or looking for a more area focused session to alleviate pain, tight muscles/tissues, help with specific conditions, etc.

Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage

30 minutes – $30*
60 minutes – $60*
90 minutes – $80*
120 minutes – $100*

Bamboo Fusion

60 minutes – $60*
90 minutes – $80*

*Plus tax

Manual Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping therapy is best when integrated into current sessions for 10-20 minutes. This can increase session time, or be kept within the current time frame. This adds to the integrity of existing treatments and allows you to experience the service to which you are accustomed.

Combined with Deep Tissue or Swedish massage for a little Heaven and Earth, 15 minutes of cupping over back and neck to relax your muscles, followed with deep tissue/Swedish style techniques to give you complete relaxation/tension relief.

Combine with Bamboo fusion for a complete muscle meltdown, starting with some warm bamboo techniques to loosen the muscles, followed by massage cupping to melt the muscles into relaxation.

For more info on Massage Cupping you may reach out to me anytime.

Packages Available

Additional packages for anyone looking to make massage a regular part of their health regimen, buy any two massages (60 min and up) and get your third free.

Three 60 min sessions – $120*
Three 90 min sessions – $160*
Three 120 min sessions – $200*

New packages & membership options will be coming soon.

*Plus tax

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